101 Golden Rules of Fishing: Rob Beattie by Beattie, Rob 1st (first) Edition (2007)

July 16, 2013 - Comment
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Tony says:

Fishing might actually be fun…no, honest. I don’t know the first thing about fishing and am really not that interested in it, but I bought this for my dad and thought I’d just skim a few pages before wrapping it. I ended up reading the whole thing. It’s beautifully illustrated and really well written, making an otherwise dull pastime seem almost worth participating in. Actually I think I might go with my dad next time he goes fishing. It’s not too technical but full of what I assume is good advice. And I really liked all the non-technical pages like ‘Ghosts’ which demonstrate the author’s love for fishing and confirm it’s really not about the number of fish you catch.

SCM says:

Dip in and Out as you please. I’m not sure this is a book that is intended to be read cover to cover in a straight forward fashion. While it does have a clear structure, beginning with fishing tackle and such like, it seems to work best for me as a book to bounce around in, reading a section here and a section there more or less as the fancy takes. In that sense it’s a bit like fishing itself – I’ll try here – not working – lets go elsewhere. I think that’s the best way to fish and I think it’ the best way to read this book.The best sections are on why to fish rather than how to fish, fishing as an all encompassing event, not just a process that lead to the catching of fish.There is enough information here to be valuable to existing fisher folk and more than enough entertainment for those who have yet to be hooked.

Geraldine Hansome "ferret" says:

Fishing A well received book with useful nostalgic information and tips. Subsequent copies bought for presents.

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