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Matrix XR36 Pro Lime Seatbox
Modernised version of Matrix’s most popular Seatbox
New minimal backplate design
Improved stacking unit runners and mechanism
Durable textured plastic footplate cover
New spring pin footplate locking mechanism
Textured anti-slip anodised 36mm extending legs
Enlarged handwheels
Supplied with: 1x Deep Drawer Unit, 1x Shallow Tray, 1x Transport lid
Weight – 18.5kg
Dimensions – Closed L578 x W751mm / Open L830 x W751mm
Preston Inception 3D 150 Seat Box
Incorporates a 150mm base unit
Perfect for storing larger items such as reels
A unique one-piece block which houses two shallow front draws and one deep side drawer
Each draw comes supplied with fitted partitions
All items of terminal tackle can be stored in a organized manner
Features unique Mag-Lok clips
Ensures the units are locked securely together during transit
Can be opened within an instant
Footplate features two locking plungers either side
Enables the footplate to be set up within seconds and in the correct position every time
Westlake Match Special Seat Box & Footplate
About this item
ADJUSTABLE – All six legs can be adjusted through the main-frame and footplate knuckles to achieve a level stance.
COMFORTABLE – The seat cushion is well padded and fitted with a pole retention strap which will aid long pole fishing.
HOOK AND FLOAT STORAGE – Under the cushion there is a pull-out storage draw which has been divided into four sections. The draw can be used for small terminal tackle items like hooks, disgorgers and even waggler floats.
RIG STORAGE – The next tier down there is a lift up pole winder draw unit, accessible by sliding the retention catches and lifting the lid to access. This draw is 2.5cm deep and will accommodate several pole rig winders and ready-made pole rigs.
LARGE TACKLE STORAGE – The base of the box also provides additional storage and is a generous 15cm deep, ideal for spare reels, line and other bigger items of tackle. The box also comes with a padded shoulder strap that fixes to the box at four balanced points.
Westlake Match Seat Box Combo Fishing Seatbox
About this item
PADDED SEAT – The well-padded seat cushion has a pole slot and the draw system houses a one side draw and two front opening draws for smaller tackle items like hooks.
EXTENDABLE LEGS – The well-designed box features 30mm size legs, of which four are extendable to suit the terrain.
STORAGE – Under the main seat there is storage space for a cassette storage (included), where additional tackle items can be kept.
BUMP BAR – The handle from the wheel kit also doubles up as a protective bump bar for pole fishing.
EXTRA FEATURES – The package includes additional extras like a side tray with groundbait bowl, short arm and pole sock, a quick release keepnet arm, single off-set support leg for when fishing on tightly pegged platforms and a wheel kit and handle.